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6 Movies this weekend

Inspired weekend and saw some great films: The Big Sick, Dunkirk, Florida Project, I,Tonya, Disaster Artist and Three Billboards Outside.


As a fan of Richard Linklater, Florida Project is right up my

cinema verite alley.  Although it’s tough to watch negligent parents and children run amok, it was a great experience and heartfelt. A completely hateable mother.  This is the type of movie I always gravitate towards and would want to make.  Hated the last minute, almost ruined it for me.


Dunkirk, I really dropped the ball by not seeing this is theaters, I could tell within 10 minutes that home viewing is doing this a huge disservice, still an amazing film, one that I definitely need to see again to absorb the storytelling. I love nonlinear stuff.


I, Tonya was good, might not have hit me as hard as some of the others out there, but I liked it a lot and the interviews sprinked in were great.  The mom was amazing, made the film for me, played by a West Wing Alum.


The Big Sick – This was really good too.  I had no idea that the ending would be like that.  Once I saw the photos I was very surprised. I got misty.


Disaster Artist, I was really looking forward to this. It was good, had heart, not the best this weekend but if you know The Room, you gotta see it. I actually am more excited about the dvd extras for this film.


Three Billboards, I heard amazing things about this one.  I loved this one.  My favorite.  I only wish it was a 6-part series and not just a movie.  Felt similar to Fargo, great acting and dialog.

24 Hour Comic Day: 2017

I’ve known about 24-hour comic day since the late 90’s, but I unfortunately just starting doing it last year.  2016 was such a good experience that I’ve been looking forward to this all year.  Yeah it was that fun.

Last year I used Manga Studio with my 27QHD Cintiq which I had a great time using.  One of the tools in Manga Studio I was exited to use was the zip-a-tone patterns.  I think it worked out pretty well at the time.  This year while I was working on my book, Pariah, Missouri I bought some Photoshop tools and brushes online that I wanted to play with.  I found some brushes that mimicked the feel of traditional brushes and I was planning to use photoshop for the entire day.  I even had a brief period of thinking about importing every page in Illustrator to clean and smooth things out, but I could never have finished all the pages in 24 hours.   I got up and started at 8:00am Saturday and ended 8:00am Sunday.  I finished at 6:00am, and spent 2 hours going back to color and fix a few things.

After the 24 hours I will say that I did like using Photoshop more than Manga Studio, but I still like the zip-a-tone of Manga Studio better and I had some technical problems with the day.  One was that I had to switch out my brushes mid way.  I used a Brush Pen tool and then a Belgium Comics pen, and neither worked really the way I wanted them too.  My lines were okay, but I know on real paper and brushes I can get a line to look really good, so that was a hit on quality.  Also the pressure sensitivity would go out every 5-6 touches/lines, so that was a major pain in the butt of constantly deleting/back action because you’d get this one errant fat line.  Not a fan.  That might just be me going too fast, or the Cintiq not processing it.  It wouldn’t take me more than 5 minutes to find 20 mistakes and corrections that I would like to do, but the idea behind this is to make something quick and dirty and you just don’t have the time to correct, you have to run-and-gun through these pages.

Overall it was another great time working and being creative.  There were a couple of rough moments like around 5pm and 11pm.  It was funny that from 2am to 6 am breezed by.  I listened to music all 24 hours, mostly my vinyl, everything from Michael Jackson, Jesus Christ Superstar complete musical, Nirvana unplugged, Pearl Jam, Parliament, Hamilton, 3 Girl Talk albums, Radiohead, the list goes on.

Next year I’m going to go all physical, no computer all paper and pens.  Very excited about.

Okay, without further delay, enjoy the comic 5th Grade, made from start to finish in 24 hours in all its raw and unedited/corrected form!


CLICK to DOWNLOAD 2016’s Soy Chicano comic

Here are the pages if you don’t want to download it:

Horror Marathon Day 4: House of Seven Corpses


House of Seven Corpses (1974)

I found this little gem on Amazon Prime.  Being a fan of older movies (this one is in color) I started it and within a few minutes I knew this was for me.  I really like these older films, how they are staged and shot.  I only wish that someone could re-do the sound.  Sound quality is poor at times for these older flicks.

The story is simple, a film crew are shooting inside a large mansion that a number of deaths occurred, seven to be exact!

It’s directed by Paul Harrison, who also wrote H.R. Pufnstuf, so you know he is “out there”.  If you haen’t seen HR Pufnstuf, and if you are younger than 40 you probably haven’t, go youtube it.  It’s crazy.

He also did All in the Family episodes, so who knows, maybe he’s just a gun for hire.

The make-up is kinda bad at times, and the main villain/monster is so bad it’s laughable.  Normally I can get past that, but it’s hard with this movie.  I’d say that it’s eerie and  I really like the music, but there are times that I can’t say that it’s very good.

Putting myself into the time of production and thinking about what they are trying to do and using my imagination I like it, but I think that modern horror fans will not be able to appreciate it.   Unless you are a big horror fan, I’d say skip this one.  If you can get your hands on the soundtrack, that is epic.


Andres Salazar is the author of the horror western comics



Horror Marathon Day 19: Alien


Those of you who have been reading this for years know that I watch this movie, probably once a year, I love it that much.  Alien is in my top 5 movies of all time, so of course for the horror genre it’s like maybe number 1 or 2 (The other film would be The Thing, which I will talk about tomorrow)

Alien to me is one of the best movies made, the production design and art is simply amazing.  They just don’t make films like this anymore.  To see all these things made, real sets and props is breathtaking, if you haven’t seen it, it’s a real treat.

Comparing it to modern horror, if won’t have the same number of jump scares and gory scenes, but there are some truly iconic scenes that just about everyone has seen and made reference to.

What I love about it, beyond the production, and atmosphere and horror is that ages so well, I think it’s still effective and looks great.

Love this movie.

go see it

5 skulls


Horror Marathon Day 17: The Taking of Deborah Logan


Flipping through Netflix I found this film, it’s new and I thought I’d give it a try.  Unlike some of the others this month, I really liked this one.

I really like the concept of old age, dementia or some mental illness being a horror film.  You have this old lady who does crazy, harmful things and we never know, until half way through what is the cause.  It’s shot like a documentary, which is fine it works, but I bet you could have done it as a straight narrative and it might have turned out better.

I think the main characters are good, not a big fan of the journalist and cameraman, but it’s not distracting.  There are some good scares and I think it’s entertaining.  One of the better horror films out there in recent years that is also out on Netflix, so it’s pretty much free to watch, can’t complain about that.

So, my recommendation is go see it, I like the concept of a spooky senile lady.

Andres Salazar is the writer and creator of the horror graphic novel series Pariah Missouri

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Horror Marathon Day 14: The Re-Animator


The Re-Animator

Each month when I do this 31-day exercise, I repent of some of the classics, undoubtedly people say, ‘really, you haven’t seen that one?’ and so it is with the classic Re-animator.  I have never seen this before tonight.  Part of the reason why is I’m not a fan of the comedy stuff (although Dale and Tucker vs Evil is brilliant).

Right off the bat, I have to say the special effects are good, not John Carpenter good, but still good.

I think the problem that this film might have with today’s audiences is that it doesn’t have the Look and atmosphere was a horror film. The scenes are all bright, everything is lit and in that way it feels dated.  Today’s movies are all about shadow, darkness and obscured shots.  So if this same exact film, same script was shot with today’s look, I think it would be a big hit.  If you can get past all of that, I still think it’s good.  It similar to people who like modern comics, but can’t read Silver age stuff.  They are still filled with great stories, you just have to put your mind back in those times with the art and visuals of the time.

This is pretty freaky.  There are a couple of scenes that are pretty out there.  So it does bring the horror in the second half.  I recommend it.

Andres Salazar writes a horror graphic novel called Pariah Missouri, you can learn more at

Horror Marathon Day 13: Poor Pretty Eddie


Poor Pretty Eddie

I’ve been looking for some old 1970s horror, and found this little film on HULU.

Words to not describe this film.

It’s about a rapist who loves a high-yella black woman, so maybe he’s not racist?  I don’t even know.  I know there’s rape and racism.  It’s not played for laughs, although some of the acting and characters are cartoonish, I can only hope that the south wasn’t ever THIS bad, and I lived in Arkansas in the 80s.

It’s frustrating in one part because our main protagonist is a prisoner, and she doesn’t seen to be able to escape or do anything other than be a victim, but I can’t put that completely in the negative column as this is a horror film, and that’s pretty standard, still there were times I was like, come on, do this or do that.

Pretty Eddie is our titular villain, but there are times that he saves our protagonist from other worse off fates, or maybe it’s just his obsessiveness.  The other supporting cast are actually interesting, and there is one plot point with Eddie and an older woman that I felt was actually good and interesting, I thought she would be the main villain, but unfortunately she is just another victim of Eddies.

I actually like the racist angle, we don’t see that too much in horror, other than the black guy gets killed first.  So to have it as the major source of tension I liked.

The ending, well really the entire thing feels like something that Tarantino as watched and studied multiple times.

This is a movie I’d love to see re-made.

If you want to see Redneck horror and a black woman be made a prisoner of “love” then this is for you.  If you want to see a film that clearly has inspired Tarantino, this is probably on his list of films.


Andres Salazar is the writer and creator of the horror graphic novel series Pariah Missouri

Horror Marathon Day 12: American Werewolf in London

Horror Marathon Day 11: The Invitation

Horror Marathon Day 10: Cannibal Holocaust 

Horror Marathon Day 9: Monsters

Horror Marathon Day 11: The Invitation


Invitation (2015)

You can watch this bad boy on Netflix right now. Again, I went in without knowing anything about it.   Again, I like these small movies, it’s all in one house, must have been cheap to make, but really leaves an impact on you.  Great little film.

It is very tense, and you know since it’s horror the shoe is going to drop at some point.  But when??  The first 40 minutes and you are just waiting… what is going on?  Is this all up in this dudes mind?  

Then…  the cell phone call.  Oh CRAP!

This is a good film.  I kinda wish that things heated up a little earlier, but I think that last cat is still worth it, so just hang in there.  This is the type of film that would be EPIC if you didn’t know anything about it, just going in to a film, thinking it was a rom-com or drama, then BANG, crap hits the fan.  Really wish I would have seen it like that.  
Andres Salazar writes a horror graphic novel called Pariah Missouri, you can learn more at

Horror Marathon Day 10: Cannibal Holocaust 

Horror Marathon Day 9: Monsters

Horror Marathon Day 10: Cannibal Holocaust


Cannibal Holocaust

Leave it to the Italians to show us the way on how to make horror.

A new movie came out in 2015 called Green Inferno, I decided to look into the original, called Cannibal Holocaust (1980) with the firm opinion that the original films are usually superior films, even if the technology feels dated.  General rule of thumb, if the movie is classified as a horror and made in the 70s it’s probably awesome.  Yeah we have fancier gadgets and can make things look shiny, but give me a good story over looks any day.  Yeah I’m looking at you Zack Snyder.

Cannibal Holocaust is on Shudder, the AMC produced streaming service for $5/month with ALL horror films and shows.  I said, what the heck, I’m doing a community service here, so I just bought into it for the month.

This is a true Grindhouse type of exploitation film.  Made by the Italians and banned by a number of countries, if you want to see something raw and visceral, this is it.  It’s NOT for the mainstream horror fans, and even the gore-fans that like all the Eli Roth fans might think it’s too much.  In it you will see real live animals killed (like they do in the real world jungles) so if that turns you off, don’t see it.  It’s part documentary, part found footage film.

They shot this in the Amazon jungles and used real indigenous people which is awesome.

I actually think this is a very good film.  It’s not Good fellas or anything, but for the genre, the time and subject, I think it nails it.  It has an unusual structure to it, with entering the jungle with a crew that finds footage from a previous crew of journalists and then we see the original footage and what dark fate befell them.  I think we might have spent too much time with the first team and maybe showed too much, but other than that it works..

If you like horror, I say go see it.  But again I warn you, there is real footage of animals getting killed.

Andres Salazar writes a horror graphic novel called Pariah Missouri, you can learn more at

Horror Marathon Day 9: Monsters


When you get to direct a Star Wars movie it’s saying that A LOT of people and money trust you.  It’s a massive statement on your vision, management and ability.  Star Wars Rogue One is coming out and it came from this director.

I remember hearing about this low-budget film set in Mexico and I was very excited to see this new indie horror film.  It is a horror film, but only in the strictest of definition, there are monsters this is true, but they are in the periphery of the story and get little screen time , which for me is fine.  Don’t go into this thinking it’s Godzilla or a gore-y Cloverfield.  It doesn’t have 1/10 the action of Cloverfield, but I think in some ways it’s a much better film.

This is the type of movie that I love, what I’d want to make.  It’s a horror film, but only tangentially, there are few scares in it, but I love the concept.  Monsters, about a world where Mexico has been infected by an alien invasion and the US has built a massive wall to prevent contamination and two Americans as they try to cross the countryside to return home.  We see glimpses of the Cluthluean monsters on TV screens and in the background, but it’s not in your face horror.

I would love to learn more about the world and have a book series or TV show about this story.
Highly recommend it.

Andres Salazar is the writer and creator of the horror graphic novel series Pariah Missouri


Horror Marathon Day 7: The Blair Witch Project



I haven’t seen this film in about 8 years and I thought it would be a good to re-visit.  I still consider this a horror classic and generally this film is a polarizing film.  You love it or hate it.  Here’s why I think you should see it and what makes it a classic.

When this came out in 1999 I was in college, the marketing and buzz about this film was some of the first of it’s kinda.  Prior to the release they produced a make-documentary of the Blair Witch on TV, which added fuel to the fire of, is this real or not.  Imagine going to a movie where a good percentage actually thinks this is REAL.  That is insane. You just couldn’t do that now-a-days.  They were one of the first films to have a website, full of interviews, info, fake docu-stuff all to keep this mythos going, it was brilliant.

Found footage.  I love them, but I understand of the shaky cam bugs you then this it’s your bag.  This was one of the first found footage films.  It is still VERY effective.  Generally it all makes sense, who has the camera and why, and to me it’s scary.  Part of my reasoning is that I go camping alot to I know that feeling of being alone in the tent, hearing things outside and not wanting to go outside to investigate, all of that, I have personal experience with, so I get that terror.

I think the acting is actually good.  I’m not sure how much script there was, but I felt the dialog and characters were genuine, a real feat in a horror film.  Everyone acts rationally and yeah you kind of hate the girl, and I love Mike, some of his outbursts, it feels real, that totally sells the film again with this realism aspect they are going for.

Don’t see much.  You don’t see the badie really, you don’t have a lot of gore, you don’t need any of that.  It’s all in what you THINK you see and what you hope isn’t there.  Best horror films keep you guessing.

Ok, Blair Witch Project is a very good horror film.  If you haven’t seen it, go see it now.  If you have, and it’s been awhile, it’s a good one to re-visit.

4 skulls


Horror Marathon Day 6: The Exorcist.


I haven’t seen this in probably over 8 years, so it was good to see it again.  I have to say the cinematography in this is top freaking notch, I love the angles and lighting in this, it’s extremely effective.

We don’t talk much about the beginning, and it didn’t recall how long that part is in Africa.  This first section is classic, critical and brilliant, it sets everything up and William Friedkin is a genius.

This is one of those movies that was so powerful (like Jaws) it created serious phobias and future claims of exorcism and supernatural shortly after it came out.  So it’s an important film from that time period and definitely left a stamp on our social sub-conscience.

This is a great film.   So much has been said about it, and it’s in so many people’s top horror films, there’s a reason why.   So much to work with, these characters are engaging and you want to be with them more, except maybe Regan while possessed.  You have to remember that this film came decades ago, and so many other films and directors have been inspired from it, if you haven’t seen it you really need to as a horror fan.

Now for the ending discussion.  I saw some confusion about that online.  Father Karras is definitely a hero in this film.  He is a savior that sacrifices himself for the girl, the demon does not win in the film, good triumphs.

Now I want to go see The French Connection.

Andres Salazar writes a horror graphic novel called Pariah Missouri, you can learn more at

Horror Marathon Day 3: Day of the Dead


Not everything this month will be new, I gotta go back to some of the classics, and tonight it was Day Of the Dead.  While not as beloved as Dawn of the Dead, no mall scene here folks, but I think there’s more commentary and interesting ideas here than his other films.  I am going to attempt to only review 1 zombie movie this year, and this is it.  I might break my rule, but I’m making it because I’m a little over o the zombie genre, even with the ideas of making the zombies a comedy, romantic, and all that other hog-wash.  There is only one way to make a zombie film for the zombie purist and that’s the Romero Way.

The special effects and make-up STILL look great!  Can you believe it?  I’m watching this on Hulu, and I’d love to see how a blu-ray version looks.

We delve more into this idea of memories and domesticating the zombies.  Bub is our first zombie hero, and Romero even gets the audience to sympathize with the undead.  There’s been tons of writing about what the film is saying and I won’t go into all that here, the social commentary is pretty close to the surface.

We also have some interesting, all be it 2-dimensional characters in this film.  The bad guys (ie military) are bad, but they kinda have a point, and the scientist is definitely deranged.  I can see the Walking Dead coming from this world, where the zombies are just a part of the world, like the sun and moon, the seasons, but the threat and conflict is mankind.  That’s what we have here in this film.  We have some characters trapped in a confined space, with a timer that will go off, the bomb being the zombies getting loose.

If you haven’t seen it, go do so, it’s one of the best zombie or horror films out there.  It’s classic, the make-up is still amazing and some great moments.

5 skulls.

Andres Salazar writes a horror graphic novel called Pariah Missouri, you can learn more at