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October Horror Marathon – Day 1 The Witch


Ok, boys and girls, it’s that time of year again. and we are starting this off, with a good horror film.   I’ve been doing this for 4 years now, everyday in the month of October I watch and review a horror movie.  Most of these are older films or things that you can find online.

Day one…. The WITCH

I knew nothing of the movie, and super glad that was the case.  I went in, watched it on AMAZON PRIME and start to finish this is a good horror movie.  I love period stuff and things that have actors caked in layers of fake dirt, so in the first couple of minutes I was in.  Then the language came in, I love Old English and antiquities languages, if I learn take a class in Latin I would, so I really enjoyed that part of it too.  No hollywood-ization here, it’s raw, it’s accurate and feels authentic.

As for the plot itself, I was intrigued, we knew that there really was a witch, but we were kept guessing if someone in the family was working with her.  Loved that.  Also some great imagery and horror elements that we haven’t seen much of and THAT is hard to do.  I always like it when we are surprised by something.  (That crow part with the mom was great.)

Acting was top notch, and that blonde girl, the lead was perfect.  I dug it.  Totally recommend and say, go see this!  One of the best in the last couple of years.  No joke.
Andres Salazar writes a horror graphic novel called Pariah Missouri, you can learn more at www.pariahmissouri.com


Pariah Missouri book three, the end of the road


Pariah, Missouri, the graphic novel series will be concluding with book 3, set to launch on Kickstarter the spring of 2016.

“I wanted to do something special with the conclusion of the series,” says writer and creator Andres Salazar.  When asked about why it’s taken longer than originally planned he responded, “Jose is a brilliant artist and he has been very busy.  He’s the type of artist that doesn’t just do comics, he’s a bon vivant, travels to Europe, wine and dines and is talented in just about every medium.  I didn’t want to use a different artist for the final book, so I wanted to wait until he was ready to come back to my world of Pariah.”

Pariah, Missouri was originally conceived as being a series of five books, but now has been pushed back to three, Andres explains, “Yeah I thought that 5 was a good number and I have plenty of stories to go all the way out that far, but I started to realize last year that five books is a lot to commit to one genre, and while I love the American frontier and westerns, I want to be able to work on other projects in different mediums and types of storytelling.  Once I get the pencils from Jose, I do everything else from coloring, lettering, and book design.  As well as the tradepaperbacks the collectors hardcovers each have full commentary, so all this takes a lot of time and I have so many interests I want to tell other stories and time is the one commodity I have the least of.  I might go back to Pariah stories in a few years, but I am excited to end this with a bang.  It won’t be a happy go-lucky story, but I believe it’s the best one yet.”

Talking a little bit more about book three titled Stone-Aged Pagans, “Stone-Aged Pagan refers to the Indian nations near Missouri.  I call them Indians and not Native Americans because that’s what they refer themselves as.  I recently went to a sweat lodge and met some member of the Lakota tribe and they called themselves Indians, I was surprised by that, so I’m using it, sorry for the digression.  So book three, like book one and two is taking a subgenre of the horror tropes.  Book one was a vampire-like story.  Book 2 is a cult story and book 3 is a monster-in-the-woods story.  I won’t talk about the monsters more than that and spoil it, but we are going to be focusing on Toro and his journey in this one.  The pacing is different too, this is the action-movie.”

When asked what else is in the plans for Pariah and Andres he said, “Well, after this final kickstarter for the book, I might be throwing in the Pariah card game, Seerstone and I’m also addicted to this game called TIME Stories published by Space Cowboys.  I am working on a scenario for that gaming system with the Pariah world.  We found the Pariah RPG to be a big hit, so I wanted to use that role-playing type of elements to this boardgame, it’s going to be awesome, and free!”

Stay tuned to www.decadebrothers.com and look out for the Pariah, Missouri book 3 Kickstarter this spring.