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The Biscuit life

Another day another dollar.
I decided I would write in my blog, the Biscuit Show everyday and see how far I can go.
Not that anyone reads it…. well…maybe once we get back on the show, its been hard to find time to record.
So the struggles of the single 30-something year old man…

I am heading out to a singles conference tomorrow night, I’m excited about it, heres the link to the place and photo.

with over 1200 people there, it will be a mormon mad house, with OC girls, dudes and out-of-towners. So the goal is to not get overwhelmed and feel out of place in such a large gathering, I do well with small groups of under 100 people, but once we get in the thousand range and start losing my bearings.
I will report more on it as it happens.

On other notes, I’m headed to Chicago after that for work, I’m excited to see the Windy city.

Episode 4

In this episode we have a special guest, Heath Holland!

We have a new song from the Arcade Doctors

A special message from a secret group to the rev. RB Bass

Dan Didio (from DC Comics) calls in

A special SUPER TUESDAY announcement

and much more!

Wrestling trivia submissions

Hey guys, those who would like to be apart of the show and challenge Big Kev with your wrestling trivia, please submit something. Submit 3 wrestling trivia questions.

If Big Kev gets all 3 wrong, then I will personally send you a prize. honestly.

send them to:

they can be written out, or you can send in audio mp3 of you saying your questions.


Andy Joe