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Horror Marathon Day 16: The Fury


The Fury.

Might not be considered strictly a horror film, it is a thriller, with some horror moments and I think it loosely follows the structure and outline of a horror film, although some may say it’s a supernatural action film.

Yeah, so action, wow, right off the bat we have some killing, machine-guns, not something you usually see in a horror film, there’s no guy here with a knife chasing people, in this film its the government who are the bad guys and there’s evil, hidden group that is running PSI tests on kids.  Yeah this idea we’ve seen a lot in modern times, but I think back then when this was made it was much more novel.  And did I mention, there’s Kirk Douglas?  Oh yeah, the man is in this and he’s looking for his son, who, yep you guessed it is a physic and has been captured.  He’s somehow telepathically bonded to a cute teen-ager who is also a physic and together they look for the missing son.

There’s actually some cool ideas here, and I like that they are using the boy’s counselor, a beautiful woman to keep him in line, but of course that doesn’t last.

Again, it’s older, and I dig this.  One thing I have to say, you gotta see this for one reason.  The ending is the BEST ENDING OF ALL TIME.  I mean that.  I don’t even want to spoil it, but the very last scene and shot is the way you end a movie.  All movies should end this way.



Andres Salazar is the writer and creator of the horror graphic novel series Pariah Missouri

Horror Marathon Day 15: Green Inferno

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Horror Marathon Day 11: The Invitation

Horror Marathon Day 10: Cannibal Holocaust 

Horror Marathon Day 9: Monsters


Horror Marathon Day 15: Green Inferno



Why do I do this to myself?

Yeah I am hungry for more cannibal movies… well, I saw Cannibal Holocaust and I actually liked it, so I wanted to see the newest film in this genre of horror, Green Inferno, which takes some of the same plot points, but it is fair to say that this is it’s own film.

What’s bad is the writing.  The dialog.

It looks pretty, they put money into the shots, I’ll never say anything bad about that, but it’s just visual and again no substance.

And then Eli adds these horrible comedic moments that just aren’t funny.  The same jokes that are in a bad 80s movie, and it’s still not funny man.  You are killing me (not in a good way).

Seriously?  A tribe that chews coca leaves regularly to get a high is going to lose consciousness from some weed? I’m not an expert on the chemistry, but it’s cheesy things like this that Roth uses to no effect.  I mean, if he was going for something bad then he succeeded, but I don’t get the feeling he’s trying for that.

Anyways, it’s a bad film, If you like the colors red and green I’d say see the film, they did a great job in post with the filters and color correction, other than that, don’t bother.




Horror Marathon Day 10: Cannibal Holocaust 

Horror Marathon Day 9: Monsters

Horror Marathon Day 12: American Werewolf in London


American Werewolf in London
I thought I saw this film years ago, but after watching it I realized I have NEVER seen this movie!  What the heck!  It’s a classic for a reason, and the special effects were revolutionary for the time.  Brilliant stuff. The dream sequences are all amazing and for me it;s those moments that sell the movie.  The love story is fine, but I’m not that into it.  There’s some great comedic bits as well, which I wasn’t expecting in this film.

I couldn’t help but think of the amazing music video, Thriller while watching it.  Michael Jackson specifically asked for John Landis to direct his video, who also did this movie, and a lot of the special effects looks the same, not a bad thing at all.  John Landis is also the father of Max Landis, a  film-maker who loves wrestling and made Chronicle as well as recently sold some spec scripts for a princely sum, kind of hard to do in today’s market.

But I digress.  This is a good film.  It’s not perfect, it’s not amazing, but I really liked it.  Again the dream sequences are my favorite and you haven’t seen it I’d say give it a watch.

3 skulls.


Andres Salazar is the writer and creator of the horror graphic novel series Pariah Missouri

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Horror Marathon Day 9: Monsters

Horror Marathon Day 9: Monsters


When you get to direct a Star Wars movie it’s saying that A LOT of people and money trust you.  It’s a massive statement on your vision, management and ability.  Star Wars Rogue One is coming out and it came from this director.

I remember hearing about this low-budget film set in Mexico and I was very excited to see this new indie horror film.  It is a horror film, but only in the strictest of definition, there are monsters this is true, but they are in the periphery of the story and get little screen time , which for me is fine.  Don’t go into this thinking it’s Godzilla or a gore-y Cloverfield.  It doesn’t have 1/10 the action of Cloverfield, but I think in some ways it’s a much better film.

This is the type of movie that I love, what I’d want to make.  It’s a horror film, but only tangentially, there are few scares in it, but I love the concept.  Monsters, about a world where Mexico has been infected by an alien invasion and the US has built a massive wall to prevent contamination and two Americans as they try to cross the countryside to return home.  We see glimpses of the Cluthluean monsters on TV screens and in the background, but it’s not in your face horror.

I would love to learn more about the world and have a book series or TV show about this story.
Highly recommend it.

Andres Salazar is the writer and creator of the horror graphic novel series Pariah Missouri


Horror Marathon Day 8: 1984


While this book is not traditionally considered a horror story, I believe is definitely is and we are talking about it today on the Horror Marathon month!

Ok, I am extremely late on the train on this one.  Most read this in high school, and for some reason, my class had to read The Stranger, which had no impact on me, and I couldn’t even tell you what it was about, while this book is damn near atomic in its physiological power it’s had over me this week.  Before you keep reading this, if you haven’t read this book, please go out and get it.  You can find it free at libraries, online PDFs, whatever, just go read it, it’s not long and it’s brilliant.

I’m going to talk about the book and the 1985 movie with William Hurt.  Anytime a writer creates a language for a book, you gotta give him props.  I love that there is this NEWSSPEAK and whole new system of speaking and thought.  It’s amazing.  This is where the book shines and while the movie hits the beats and gives great visual atmosphere and tone, you don’t get the beauty and craftsmanship of the language unless you read the book.  I will say one thing negative on the book is there here are good-sized portions of the book, where Winston is reading from THE BOOK, which can be a challenge, unless you enjoy Geo-political topics and sociology of the 19th century, as it reads very much like a text book (which it is supposed to.)

The thing is about this is that this author, George Orwell is that the man knew what he was talking about, he understood political systems, societies and class systems.  He also had an amazing understanding of psychology.

The main reason why the world at large still loves this book is that even though written in 1949, it feels VERY applicable to today’s challenges.

I think the movie does a good job of visually communicating the themes and feelings of the book.  If you want to see how the world probably will never be, but still terrifying, watch the film or read the book!

4 skulls.


Horror Marathon Day 5: Sharknado


Why do I do this to myself?  I don’t even know where to start with this one.  It’s definitely a 80s B with a capital B movie.

It starts off like a bad surf movie with bad acting, direction and photography.  The real magic here is the editing, he deserves a medal for combining 5 different films into this monstrosity.  There are shots that appear from a different film, it’s sunny (shot at Leo Carrillo) then other cloudy random shots of surfers, then crowd scenes that are at a different beach and time of day, and random inserts of real sharks from some documentary.  Movies do this all the time, but man it looks crazy because it’s so obvious.  I think this is a film you watch drunk with friends and laugh at it.

You know how this would be better?  If they used all physical special effects and animatronics.  You get 50 Bruce’s (Bruce is the nickname for the Jaws animatronic) and that I would see.  The digital effects are so bad, it’s really distracting, but then again, the point of a B movie is to make it cheap, so you get what you pay for.

Here’s the deal.  It is a film.  Many people worked hard on it and it took many hours to make.  People got paid.  I can’t hate on any of that, but I’d like to think of this more as a student film, and thinking of if from that perspective it’s fine for what it is.

Also, what’ with the color timing on this thing?  It has a constant blue filter that is annoying.

Ian Zering and Tara Reid do their best, but this is all about Sharks in a freaking tornado, so that’s what we come to see and we get that much at least.  My main gripe is that I wish the effects were better, then I could at least enjoy that.

There is a ending, crazy action thing that happens with a chainsaw that was too much for me, at least they single-handedly saved the fake blood industry for 2013.  I just looked at the rotten tomatoes score…. 82%.  I am officially depressed.

Ok that’s it, I’m finding some good horror movies to watch for the rest of this month!


Horror Marathon Day 4: Theater of Blood

51ffg0ddm2lTheater of Blood

Today we will be talking about 1973’s Theater of Blood.  Vincent Price, one of horror’s greatest actors is the main character in this film, and it is completely all Vincent Price.  It’s very 70s, with the music and staging, I feel that today’s audience would definitely consider this a campy-horror film, which I’m not sure that it was considered campy at the time.  It plays a little comedic, not as dark as the Hammer films that Vincent would star in and that’s not a negative, just a different flavor of horror.

I think there are some good moments in it, it’s not the gasping, dark, evil horror that we are used to, it’s really a look into how the authorities catch Mr. Price, who we know right in the beginning is the Shakespearean-aficionado killer.

I like the idea of a killer who disguises himself as a theatrical actor, and Vincent definitely hams it up and delivers.  It’s hard to say that it’s too hammy of a performance, because the part he’s playing is of a hammy-actor, so maybe it’s just perfect.  I love that he has this crew of killer-thespians too, I’d love to see them in a “dress rehearsal” planning out the murder and what costumes, blocking and lines to give the next intended victim.

As a guy who fenced in high school and college a little, it was great to see a fencing scene!  Can’t beat that.

I also love the concept of a guy hell-bent on making the critics who give him bad reviews pay with their lives!  This is screaming for a re-make but with a completely different tone, go full-dark and straight with this and it would be a hit.

If you want to see what V. Price was all about, watch this one.

Andres Salazar writes a horror graphic novel called Pariah Missouri, you can learn more at

October Horror Marathon – Day 1 The Witch


Ok, boys and girls, it’s that time of year again. and we are starting this off, with a good horror film.   I’ve been doing this for 4 years now, everyday in the month of October I watch and review a horror movie.  Most of these are older films or things that you can find online.

Day one…. The WITCH

I knew nothing of the movie, and super glad that was the case.  I went in, watched it on AMAZON PRIME and start to finish this is a good horror movie.  I love period stuff and things that have actors caked in layers of fake dirt, so in the first couple of minutes I was in.  Then the language came in, I love Old English and antiquities languages, if I learn take a class in Latin I would, so I really enjoyed that part of it too.  No hollywood-ization here, it’s raw, it’s accurate and feels authentic.

As for the plot itself, I was intrigued, we knew that there really was a witch, but we were kept guessing if someone in the family was working with her.  Loved that.  Also some great imagery and horror elements that we haven’t seen much of and THAT is hard to do.  I always like it when we are surprised by something.  (That crow part with the mom was great.)

Acting was top notch, and that blonde girl, the lead was perfect.  I dug it.  Totally recommend and say, go see this!  One of the best in the last couple of years.  No joke.
Andres Salazar writes a horror graphic novel called Pariah Missouri, you can learn more at