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Season 2 has begun!



Season 2 has begun. Episode #1 is ripe for the picking and I hope your auditory nerve endings are ready for the cacophony of radness that is about to come down from Heaven and smite thee like Mijolnir, the Hammer of Thor!

Not for the Faint of Heart!
Not for those that claim normalcy.

Not for those that think Desperate Housewives is a good show.

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I no buy….

Biscuit #62 – Going to the bookstore not to buy books, but just to hang out and read them because you are cheap.
Just because some activities have become socially acceptable does not diminish their Biscosity. There are a lot of things that are now coming into fashion, but really its still being a Biscuit. While the bookstores have now made it part of their business plan to put couches and coffee shops in thier stores to welcome the casual reader, if you have money to buy the book, go buy it, dont spend all day for a week reading the latest Twilight book. Originally the concept might have been born in colllege schools where poor students couldnt pay for the expensive research materials, but now its in vogue and today as I went to the Bookstore to read a little on scriptwriting, I saw people of all age groups and social circles sitting around reading books and magazines.
Ever wonder if this activity happens in a library, where you are actually supposed to read the books for free? Nope. Libraries are like nursing homes now, with quick visits to the section that you want to look up and visit with and rush back home.
Making it comfortable and pleasant to check out the book jacket or read the 1st chapter to see if this book for you in one thing, but staying all day to copy, take notes from and memorize a book is just plain cheap. And being cheap is being a Biscuit.
Oh and one place that this is NEVER acceptable….comic book stores.

Ingloriousness – Movie Review

I saw the new Quentin Tarantino movie yesterday, at 3:25pm, another one of the advantages of being unemployed, but hey I saw the matinee, so what the heck.

I’ll first start off with my history with Quentin and go from there.
I first saw Pulp Fiction in 1996 just about a year or so after it came out, I didnt see it in the theatres because I was out of the country at its release. I remember renting it at Blockbuster and hearing from old friends that it was ‘hardcore’ and one of their favorites. I saw it and immediately loved it. Of course it was all about the writing. Quentin is known for his dialog and his characters and Pulp Fiction had that in spades. There was also the non-linear storyline that I loved and that was fresh to me a the time. I had very little exposure at the time to the films that inspired Quentin so everything was new and fresh for me.
I rented Resevior Dogs and again, I loved that. I didnt care for 4 Rooms, and I do think that Jackie Brown is another very good film. Kill Bill is good, but not my favorite and I did like Death Proof. So while i dont like everythign he does I would consider myself a fan, so with that lets get on to the show….

Inglorious Basterds is first not a re-make and second is basically a foriegn film. Ifyou are annoyed by reading subtitles, then pick something else to watch, unless you speak German, French and a little Italian. This movie was definitely mis-marketed, in that its not an action film, there are 2 action scenes, and at 2.5 hours, its mostly talking heads, which turns out to be reading, so if that sounds tiresome, take a pass. That all said , I love it. I’m a film-snob, so I like this kind of thing.
Tarantino is like a smash-up dj, who puts the things he loves in the movies that he makes, he’s really just a big film geek, and thats why I love it. This is a Spagetti-Western set in WWII and except for a couple of weird places it works the whole way through. It has his mark on it, the shots, and music its all Tarantino, but its also fresh, becasue its a period film and he has to restrain himself more than his previous works, and I think it works becasue of that.
Its not the usual Tarantino either, theres very little foul language and of course no pop-culture. There are a couple of graphic scenes (scalping of the Nazi) but beside that its not very violent.
Christoph Waltz is amazing, one of the best villians ever! You can always tell a good movie if it has a good villian. (read Silence of the Lamb, Empire Strikes Back, etc) He plays Col. Hans Landa and is completely charming and ruthless.
Brad Pitt chews up the scenery in his scenes, but honestly its good, but doesnt really have too much to work with here. The Basterds are not in the movie much themselves, despite with the title would lead you to believe.

So, I have it an 8. Great movie if you are a fan of Tarantino and dont mind subtitles.

One Man’s treasure

Can you believe soemone was going to throw this hat away?
Well, I went to take out the trash…one of the new tasks befitting of a newly unemployed newlywed and lo and behold this hat was there next to the bin.
I took it and now will find new ways to incorporate into my daily life.

Just wanted to share this with all the Biscuit Readers/Listeners.

Being a Biscuit #36 – Picking up trash and putting it on your head.

Biscuit Ball

Some of us when we are unemployed get in that ‘funk’ you know what I mean, where stress and worry rule the day and even the good things in life can lose thier charm.

To battle those feelings one of the best things that I can recommend is to take up something new. For me, one of those things is beach volleyball. My wife plays and I’ve been learning from her a couple times a week, down at the beach here in Ventura.

Oh and the other thing that is consuming my thoughts is this “bluescreen of death”, first off, I hate Windows Vista, and I got this new laptop that has it and the first day that my 15 day trial of Norton expires, my computer starts doing this. Still cant figure out what is causing it….. suggestions are welcomed.

Keeping our word

As we promised, the blog will be updated daily, as much as possible.
I have added the actual picture from Biscuit Big Kev of his cubicle the day he quit. Some of us aspire to the level of Biscuitry that this man can do in his sleep.
Pure comedic genius.
We just recorded another episode, which hopefully will be out in the next week or so.
On the personal front, I am working on a few creative projects along with this and starting up my mastery (thanks to my new wife) of beach volleyball. wish me luck out there on the sand!


Aint nothin’ fun about being unemployed. A couple of us Biscuits here on the Biscuit Show are unemployed and the additional stress and concern that it adds to life is the pits.
Good things are headed our way I’m sure of it, and as George Michael says, ‘You gotta have Faith’.
So what does this mean for you, our gentle readers? It means more Biscuit Shows! We are committed to puttign up more episodes this year and really working harder than ever on this program.
Stay tuned, good things are coming out way!

The Big Easy

Ahhhh, Bourbon street, you will always have my heart.
After 4 days, 3 nights of walking through the French Quarter and other parts unknown I bid adieu to the wonderful sites of the Big Easy.
After the initial shellshock of the sights of the French Quarter, of what I’d describe as part Las Vegas, part Tijuana and all sleezy, if you move down from those streets, its actually fun and has some nice sights.
the food was great, I had more shrimp than I’ve had in one year, and plenty of gumbo and it was good! I ate at Mothers and Port of Call, classic local hang-outs and one night I actually found a nice Jazz club and listened to some good music.
If I had someone to be with, I would enjoy it more of course.
In the mornings I went for a run, which was great, the city was still hung over from the night before and the weather was perfect at that hour.
So I’m in the airport now, my flight is delayed 2 hours, so here I sit.


so much to talk about.
I’m in Chi-town.

The ‘Hope” conference that i went to last weekend, was interesting, it started out a bit rough for me, because I was overwhelmed, but then I really had a good time on Saturday, I accomplished my goals that I had and met some cool people.

I will later talk in more depth to what happened and who I met.

stay tuned!


Its Friday and in a few hours I will be bravely battling the traffic of the 101 and 405. bring it on!!!

actually , please don’t bring it on. I am a freak about being on time and I already know I will be late, so I dont need to be any more neurotic than I am in the high-stress environment of a 3 min speed date.

Tonight and tomorrow, should be lots of fun, I will report back with how it goes.
Besides that, nothing really to impart.
I just had some sushi for lunch which is always a great thing.

Oh and I just found this:

Flight of the Conchords….yes I’m sure I am late on the ball, but its comedy! Lord of the Rings spoof.