6 Movies this weekend

Inspired weekend and saw some great films: The Big Sick, Dunkirk, Florida Project, I,Tonya, Disaster Artist and Three Billboards Outside.


As a fan of Richard Linklater, Florida Project is right up my

cinema verite alley.  Although it’s tough to watch negligent parents and children run amok, it was a great experience and heartfelt. A completely hateable mother.  This is the type of movie I always gravitate towards and would want to make.  Hated the last minute, almost ruined it for me.


Dunkirk, I really dropped the ball by not seeing this is theaters, I could tell within 10 minutes that home viewing is doing this a huge disservice, still an amazing film, one that I definitely need to see again to absorb the storytelling. I love nonlinear stuff.


I, Tonya was good, might not have hit me as hard as some of the others out there, but I liked it a lot and the interviews sprinked in were great.  The mom was amazing, made the film for me, played by a West Wing Alum.


The Big Sick – This was really good too.  I had no idea that the ending would be like that.  Once I saw the photos I was very surprised. I got misty.


Disaster Artist, I was really looking forward to this. It was good, had heart, not the best this weekend but if you know The Room, you gotta see it. I actually am more excited about the dvd extras for this film.


Three Billboards, I heard amazing things about this one.  I loved this one.  My favorite.  I only wish it was a 6-part series and not just a movie.  Felt similar to Fargo, great acting and dialog.

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