Horror Marathon Day 9: Godzilla Resurgence



Godzilla Resurgence (2016)

Man in Suit!!  That’s right!  How can you have a horror marathon and skip out on Japan’s deadliest monster?  You can’t!  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that there was a new Godzilla flick  and that it went back to it’s roots.

If you’ve only seen the more recent western Godzilla films, you should do yourself a favor and see this.  It brings back the great elements of the old black and white movies, and add better effects and modern cinema styles and camera work.  It also doesn’t use un-necessary CGI and…wait for it… THERE’S A MAN IN THE SUIT!  Yes it looks rubbery at times, but this is a Godzilla movie people, we aren’t going for realism here.

This was fun. Full stop.

Godzilla is not a hero, he is a monster, his only motivation is to destroy.  Simple, basic and proper.  He has no heart of gold, no good nature, he’s just a big-honking leviathan messing stuff up.  The way it should be.  And he does it.

We do have some human protagonists that we follow, various high-ranking Japanese leaders that are trying to stop this attack, but we aren’t here for them.  Yeah you’re sad about all this and stressed out Mr. Prime Minister, but watching old men emote is not why we came here.   So we have to follow them and solve the puzzle of finding a way to stop Godzilla, which is pretty good too.

There’s really not much more to say, it’s fun, it’s good, it’s Godzilla!


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