Horror Marathon Day 8: Raw

Raw (2016)

Raw is a powerful, provocative film that will leave you with some dark thoughts.  It’s foreign (french) and pushes a little further than what American audiences are apt to like.  I have to be up-front and say I really liked it, it’s strong but it will not be for everyone, in fact I would recommend against the mainstream, but since you are reading this, you are not mainstream, so we are good.

It’s on Netflix, so that’s a big plus, easy to find.  You do have to be okay with reading subtitles, but hey if you can’t do that, we can’t be friends.

As you can guess by the posters it’s about cannibalism.  Last year I saw a couple of cannibal movies, Green Inferno (horrible Eli Roth film) and Cannibal Holocaust (which I liked), so while it’s not one of the most popular sub-genres, they are out there and I’ve experienced them.  This one has an interesting take in that the theme is fused with youth, rebellion and sexuality.  When a young a vegetarian girl goes to college and and tries meat for the first time, all hell breaks loose in her world and she becomes insatiable.

This is a powerful film.  The images are strong.  There are scenes that will leave you disturbed.  It’s not for the faint of heart.  Part of the marketing of this campaign was touting that it caused audiences to vomit and become ill, and I have to agree that’s probably not BS.

I liked it, it’s a great story.  It’s powerful and ‘out there’, like The Professional was back in the day.  It’s not for the mainstream, but that’s not you.


Andres Salazar is the author of the horror western comics www.pariahmissouri.com

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