Horror Marathon Day 7: Carnage Park


Carnage Park (2016)

I really liked this one.  Indie film, check.  1970’s style, check.  Blood, check.  

This is a love letter to those 70’s horror films, the likes that Tarantino is probably well-versed in.  Sometimes you wonder is this director (Mickey Keating) making homages to Tarantino or to the direct source.  Either way, if it’s a homage of a homage, or a direct homage it’s good and it works.  The yellow-sepia filter on the camera works well with the SoCal desert-y location (I swear some of this was shot in Los Padres wilderness).  We have some fun character actors on screen and my feeling is that this was probably a blast to make.

There’s crazies and killers and people who were at the wrong place at the wrong time and for some reason I really like the premise of this.  The idea is simple, there’s a place up in the boonies that is filled with death traps and puzzles.  The owner of this “park” abducts seemingly random people and tortures/taunts them, using high-powered rifles.  We’ve seen stuff like this before, but I still think there’s enough originality that it’s worth seeing.

If you enjoy 70’s exploitation, grindhouse type of movies this is for you.  I think it was worth watching.


Andres Salazar is the author of the horror western comics www.pariahmissouri.com


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