Horror Marathon Day 6: Hush


Hush (2016)

Home Invasion Horror.  It’s one of the many sub-genres of horror.  Related to it’s cousin the popular Slasher horror, while  it’s not my favorite, but I do find some things interesting about it.  Hush is one of the good ones.   This time the story revolves around a deaf woman.  We’ve seen many blind protagnoists in horror, but deaf is one that I can’t recall.  If you can think of one, drop me a line.

I like this film.  It’s really well made, good acting, good camera and atmosphere and it’s tense, everything you want in a horror film really.

The writers an director are married couple Mike Flanagan and Katie Segal, (who also starred in the film) and they do a great job here.  Mike has directed a number of other horror films, Oculus and Ouija, and you can tell that he knows horror and how to direct a film.

It’s tense and there are great moments in it.

I thought this was very good, a fun take on the Home invasion horror.  Go see it!


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