Horror Marathon Day 5: Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension

Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension (2016)

I love found footage films.  There I said it.  Last year I reviewed Blair Witch (the original) and I still think it’s a very good horror film.  I liked Chronicle, and the VHS series.  When Paranormal Activity came out, I thought it was good.  As the sequels came out, I think the quality of the storytelling waned, but I still watched them.

On Amazon Prime, the Ghost Dimension is out, it’s the 5th in the series.  I actually like the conceit, they find an old handy-cam VHS recorder that can record into the spirit world.

It’s well done, I think on par with the others.  Nothing really sings in this film though, and after seeing it I have to say that it’s jst the same scares.  After 7 hours of the Paranormal films, this just feels rote and I’m feeling the fatigue of the franchise.  Once again the Hollywood machine see a cash-cow and run it into the ground.

It’s okay to good, but unless you are a big fan I’d say pass.  I’m glad “It All Ends Here.”

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