Horror Marathon Day 4: House of Seven Corpses


House of Seven Corpses (1974)

I found this little gem on Amazon Prime.  Being a fan of older movies (this one is in color) I started it and within a few minutes I knew this was for me.  I really like these older films, how they are staged and shot.  I only wish that someone could re-do the sound.  Sound quality is poor at times for these older flicks.

The story is simple, a film crew are shooting inside a large mansion that a number of deaths occurred, seven to be exact!

It’s directed by Paul Harrison, who also wrote H.R. Pufnstuf, so you know he is “out there”.  If you haen’t seen HR Pufnstuf, and if you are younger than 40 you probably haven’t, go youtube it.  It’s crazy.

He also did All in the Family episodes, so who knows, maybe he’s just a gun for hire.

The make-up is kinda bad at times, and the main villain/monster is so bad it’s laughable.  Normally I can get past that, but it’s hard with this movie.  I’d say that it’s eerie and  I really like the music, but there are times that I can’t say that it’s very good.

Putting myself into the time of production and thinking about what they are trying to do and using my imagination I like it, but I think that modern horror fans will not be able to appreciate it.   Unless you are a big horror fan, I’d say skip this one.  If you can get your hands on the soundtrack, that is epic.


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