Horror Marathon Day 2: Dead Zone


I am a fan of Stephen King and after watching The Dead Zone I realized the book is probably very good and better than the film.  I am also a big fan of Christopher Walken and David Cronenberg so it’s really weird that I have not seen this movie until now.  Let me say a few more things before I start, people might argue that this is more of a thriller and not a horror film, but it’s on Amazon Prime under horror and who am I to argue with Jeff Bezos?  Also, just stop reading and GO SEE THIS MOVIE!  You should probably read the book as well.

I keep mentioning the book that I have not read because this feels like this could be a really dense and interesting story and knowing Mr. King he adds a deluge of depth to his characters and setting.  This has these great moments, but I always wanted more and I felt there were things that I am missing.  This film is complete, but if there was a 30 minute additional director’s cut out there, I bet your bottom dollar is it well worth your time.

Walken does a great job emoting and I love that pea-coat he’s wearing with the high collar, really wonderful design.  It’s eerie premise is that, our protagonist after a near-fatal accident is revived  with powers of precognition, focused on the untimely deaths of others or their misdeeds.  His fame spreads and becomes known in town as somewhat of a fortune teller, and he uses his powers for good to help the police, and others.

Martin Sheen is in this picture as a politician and he does a great job as always, I love his acting.  There are times that it’s over the top and feels like a theatrical performance, but I like it.  This could be a fun stage-play.

There’s not a lot of horror, it’s more of a Six Sense type of movie, but I will say it’s definitely worth seeing it.  Amazon Prime.


Andres Salazar is the author of the horror western comics www.pariahmissouri.com

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