Horror Marathon Day 24: Faces of Death


Faces of Death (1978)

This is a documentary that I’ve always wanted to see, but I could never find it or was too scared to get it.  I finally took the plunge and I would NOT recommend this for the mainstream horror fan.  This is a collection of footage and stories of real crap going down, and you see people get killed.  Why would you watch this?  Is this entertainment?  Well, no it’s not.  It’s as entertaining as watching open heart surgery, but if you are interested in that and from an educational standpoint it’s pretty good.  The narration is not bad, and I’m glad it’s there, it does add to the film.

UPDATE:  After the film, I went and learned more about it.  Turns out only 40% of the films deaths and footage is real.  I had no idea, but this was made as a fake documentary.  While that completely changes the film for me, it does now make more sense some of these scenes with what I felt had to be fake.  Some of those bloody scenes, the blood is too thick and bright red.  Still an interesting film, and for the true horror fans, who want to see gruesome scenes, with no story, stuff you would see on CNN, check it out.


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