Horror Marathon Day 22: Night Train to Terror


Night Train to Terror (1985)

This.  This is the type of 80s horror that I love.  It’s crazy.  You can watch it now on Shudder.  It starts with God and Satan on a train trying to decide the souls of mortals.  They have a black train conductor that serves them, it’s pretty awesome.

Night Train is an anthology film, like Creepshow and I really miss these.  The recent VHS movie has resurrected the concept and I hope that we get more of these, it’s a great way to get a bunch of little stories and hear/see from new directors.  As you probably can guess I also like anthologies in comics and other mediums, old Heavy Metal magazines were the best… which actually this kinda reminds me of them.  You get random killing, blood, sex and T&A, the staples of the 80s and while it doesn’t always make perfect sense, it kinda fun to watch.

One of the stories, The Death Club… great concept.  I don’t want to ruin it.

Did I mention this also is a musical?  We are talking straight up 80s-style break-dancing, leotards and sweat-bands.  It’s epic.

Did I mention it has Nazis?  Oh yeah, there is no Terror Train without the SS.  Just go see this.

I’m serious.




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