Horror Marathon Day 19: Alien


Those of you who have been reading this for years know that I watch this movie, probably once a year, I love it that much.  Alien is in my top 5 movies of all time, so of course for the horror genre it’s like maybe number 1 or 2 (The other film would be The Thing, which I will talk about tomorrow)

Alien to me is one of the best movies made, the production design and art is simply amazing.  They just don’t make films like this anymore.  To see all these things made, real sets and props is breathtaking, if you haven’t seen it, it’s a real treat.

Comparing it to modern horror, if won’t have the same number of jump scares and gory scenes, but there are some truly iconic scenes that just about everyone has seen and made reference to.

What I love about it, beyond the production, and atmosphere and horror is that ages so well, I think it’s still effective and looks great.

Love this movie.

go see it

5 skulls


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