Horror Marathon Day 13: Poor Pretty Eddie


Poor Pretty Eddie

I’ve been looking for some old 1970s horror, and found this little film on HULU.

Words to not describe this film.

It’s about a rapist who loves a high-yella black woman, so maybe he’s not racist?  I don’t even know.  I know there’s rape and racism.  It’s not played for laughs, although some of the acting and characters are cartoonish, I can only hope that the south wasn’t ever THIS bad, and I lived in Arkansas in the 80s.

It’s frustrating in one part because our main protagonist is a prisoner, and she doesn’t seen to be able to escape or do anything other than be a victim, but I can’t put that completely in the negative column as this is a horror film, and that’s pretty standard, still there were times I was like, come on, do this or do that.

Pretty Eddie is our titular villain, but there are times that he saves our protagonist from other worse off fates, or maybe it’s just his obsessiveness.  The other supporting cast are actually interesting, and there is one plot point with Eddie and an older woman that I felt was actually good and interesting, I thought she would be the main villain, but unfortunately she is just another victim of Eddies.

I actually like the racist angle, we don’t see that too much in horror, other than the black guy gets killed first.  So to have it as the major source of tension I liked.

The ending, well really the entire thing feels like something that Tarantino as watched and studied multiple times.

This is a movie I’d love to see re-made.

If you want to see Redneck horror and a black woman be made a prisoner of “love” then this is for you.  If you want to see a film that clearly has inspired Tarantino, this is probably on his list of films.


Andres Salazar is the writer and creator of the horror graphic novel series Pariah Missouri www.pariahmissouri.com

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