Horror Marathon Day 8: 1984


While this book is not traditionally considered a horror story, I believe is definitely is and we are talking about it today on the Horror Marathon month!

Ok, I am extremely late on the train on this one.  Most read this in high school, and for some reason, my class had to read The Stranger, which had no impact on me, and I couldn’t even tell you what it was about, while this book is damn near atomic in its physiological power it’s had over me this week.  Before you keep reading this, if you haven’t read this book, please go out and get it.  You can find it free at libraries, online PDFs, whatever, just go read it, it’s not long and it’s brilliant.

I’m going to talk about the book and the 1985 movie with William Hurt.  Anytime a writer creates a language for a book, you gotta give him props.  I love that there is this NEWSSPEAK and whole new system of speaking and thought.  It’s amazing.  This is where the book shines and while the movie hits the beats and gives great visual atmosphere and tone, you don’t get the beauty and craftsmanship of the language unless you read the book.  I will say one thing negative on the book is there here are good-sized portions of the book, where Winston is reading from THE BOOK, which can be a challenge, unless you enjoy Geo-political topics and sociology of the 19th century, as it reads very much like a text book (which it is supposed to.)

The thing is about this is that this author, George Orwell is that the man knew what he was talking about, he understood political systems, societies and class systems.  He also had an amazing understanding of psychology.

The main reason why the world at large still loves this book is that even though written in 1949, it feels VERY applicable to today’s challenges.

I think the movie does a good job of visually communicating the themes and feelings of the book.  If you want to see how the world probably will never be, but still terrifying, watch the film or read the book!

4 skulls.


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