Horror Marathon Day 7: The Blair Witch Project



I haven’t seen this film in about 8 years and I thought it would be a good to re-visit.  I still consider this a horror classic and generally this film is a polarizing film.  You love it or hate it.  Here’s why I think you should see it and what makes it a classic.

When this came out in 1999 I was in college, the marketing and buzz about this film was some of the first of it’s kinda.  Prior to the release they produced a make-documentary of the Blair Witch on TV, which added fuel to the fire of, is this real or not.  Imagine going to a movie where a good percentage actually thinks this is REAL.  That is insane. You just couldn’t do that now-a-days.  They were one of the first films to have a website, full of interviews, info, fake docu-stuff all to keep this mythos going, it was brilliant.

Found footage.  I love them, but I understand of the shaky cam bugs you then this it’s your bag.  This was one of the first found footage films.  It is still VERY effective.  Generally it all makes sense, who has the camera and why, and to me it’s scary.  Part of my reasoning is that I go camping alot to I know that feeling of being alone in the tent, hearing things outside and not wanting to go outside to investigate, all of that, I have personal experience with, so I get that terror.

I think the acting is actually good.  I’m not sure how much script there was, but I felt the dialog and characters were genuine, a real feat in a horror film.  Everyone acts rationally and yeah you kind of hate the girl, and I love Mike, some of his outbursts, it feels real, that totally sells the film again with this realism aspect they are going for.

Don’t see much.  You don’t see the badie really, you don’t have a lot of gore, you don’t need any of that.  It’s all in what you THINK you see and what you hope isn’t there.  Best horror films keep you guessing.

Ok, Blair Witch Project is a very good horror film.  If you haven’t seen it, go see it now.  If you have, and it’s been awhile, it’s a good one to re-visit.

4 skulls


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