Horror Marathon Day 5: Sharknado


Why do I do this to myself?  I don’t even know where to start with this one.  It’s definitely a 80s B with a capital B movie.

It starts off like a bad surf movie with bad acting, direction and photography.  The real magic here is the editing, he deserves a medal for combining 5 different films into this monstrosity.  There are shots that appear from a different film, it’s sunny (shot at Leo Carrillo) then other cloudy random shots of surfers, then crowd scenes that are at a different beach and time of day, and random inserts of real sharks from some documentary.  Movies do this all the time, but man it looks crazy because it’s so obvious.  I think this is a film you watch drunk with friends and laugh at it.

You know how this would be better?  If they used all physical special effects and animatronics.  You get 50 Bruce’s (Bruce is the nickname for the Jaws animatronic) and that I would see.  The digital effects are so bad, it’s really distracting, but then again, the point of a B movie is to make it cheap, so you get what you pay for.

Here’s the deal.  It is a film.  Many people worked hard on it and it took many hours to make.  People got paid.  I can’t hate on any of that, but I’d like to think of this more as a student film, and thinking of if from that perspective it’s fine for what it is.

Also, what’ with the color timing on this thing?  It has a constant blue filter that is annoying.

Ian Zering and Tara Reid do their best, but this is all about Sharks in a freaking tornado, so that’s what we come to see and we get that much at least.  My main gripe is that I wish the effects were better, then I could at least enjoy that.

There is a ending, crazy action thing that happens with a chainsaw that was too much for me, at least they single-handedly saved the fake blood industry for 2013.  I just looked at the rotten tomatoes score…. 82%.  I am officially depressed.

Ok that’s it, I’m finding some good horror movies to watch for the rest of this month!


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