Horror Marathon Day 4: Theater of Blood

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Today we will be talking about 1973’s Theater of Blood.  Vincent Price, one of horror’s greatest actors is the main character in this film, and it is completely all Vincent Price.  It’s very 70s, with the music and staging, I feel that today’s audience would definitely consider this a campy-horror film, which I’m not sure that it was considered campy at the time.  It plays a little comedic, not as dark as the Hammer films that Vincent would star in and that’s not a negative, just a different flavor of horror.

I think there are some good moments in it, it’s not the gasping, dark, evil horror that we are used to, it’s really a look into how the authorities catch Mr. Price, who we know right in the beginning is the Shakespearean-aficionado killer.

I like the idea of a killer who disguises himself as a theatrical actor, and Vincent definitely hams it up and delivers.  It’s hard to say that it’s too hammy of a performance, because the part he’s playing is of a hammy-actor, so maybe it’s just perfect.  I love that he has this crew of killer-thespians too, I’d love to see them in a “dress rehearsal” planning out the murder and what costumes, blocking and lines to give the next intended victim.

As a guy who fenced in high school and college a little, it was great to see a fencing scene!  Can’t beat that.

I also love the concept of a guy hell-bent on making the critics who give him bad reviews pay with their lives!  This is screaming for a re-make but with a completely different tone, go full-dark and straight with this and it would be a hit.

If you want to see what V. Price was all about, watch this one.

Andres Salazar writes a horror graphic novel called Pariah Missouri, you can learn more at www.pariahmissouri.com

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