Playtesting TIME Stories Pariah Missouri

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So you wanna play-test Pariah, Missouri?


A couple of things first.

  1.  This is to play-test Pariah Missouri scenario for TIME Stories.  You need TIME stories to play this.  It’s a deck of ~195 tarot-sized cards that you will need to print out, put them in a stack and run through the game.  It took me about 80 hours to do this, NOT including all the art, which came from my comic book series, which I don’t even want to speculate on how long that took us.  So, a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears went into making this.  If you feel inclined and enjoyed the game, I will accept donations!
  2. Based on your feedback, I will be making some modifications to the game.
  3. Survey  – note: Do not read the survey until after you play Pariah Missouri.  The survey contains spoilers!   At the end of the .pdf file there is a 1-page form that will have some questions that I would like filled out.  Your gaming group does not have to agree to the answers, each player can circle their own response.  You have a couple of options, you can print out the survey and scan it back to me, or you can download the survey form and send it back as a word document through email.  I need these back no later than May 25th.  Thank you!
  4.   Feel free to also use the Comments section below to chat and ask questions, I’ll be responding every day..
  5. NOTE:  One correction made!  LOCATIONS MIXED UP:  Livery E and The Veil A are mixed up.  A new corrected version is now linked on this site.  (check at the file is .Rough-4)


Did you enjoy the game?  If so feel free to put a little in the TIP JAR.  All donations will go to the production and art costs for Pariah vol. 3.  All donations will also receive a digital copy of Pariah Missouri graphic novel!  If you really get into it, you can purchase all the books digitally or physical at





If you are experiencing questions about Rules, Locations or things like that, go here to the FAQ Message board!

Pariah, Missouri Rules and FAQ





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  1. i would like to translate it in french, if you’re interested, mail me 🙂

    (i’ll need adobe files to edit it fast)

    Feel free to wetransfer

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