T.I.M.E. Stories : Pariah Missouri 1854

T.I.M.E.Stories is a board game published by the French Space Cowboys which I have fallen in love with recently.  As a big-time Role-player I found the board game a brilliant way to tell story, and for me, that is always paramount.  It’s Quantum Leap, going back in time and finding the cause of a ‘temporal rift’ and correcting the wrongs of the time-stream.  You play an Agent of this ‘Temporal Police’ and inhabit a character in the past, who may or may not be all that stable.

Because of the way the game is played, you play the game once, and then you know the mystery, the “who-done it” and it’s kinda over.  Sure you can play it with others, but now that you know that Colonel Mustard did it in the Library with the pipe, it loses the excitement.  So it’s a one-and-done experience, which at $30 for each story can be pricey.  Space Cowboys have published 3 stories so far and looks like each quarter we will get a new one…. but this is where the fun begins…. Space Cowboys also provided a Developer kit. Nothing fancy really, it’s just a collection of PNG asset files so you can make your own story, but think about it, how many awesome stories are out there for creators to make and play!

Once I heard about this, I was hooked.  Oh and for those that don’t know, I’m the writer and creator of Pariah Missouri graphic novel series, so HELL YEAH I’m gonna make a horror-western story for TIME Stories using my book!

Making this was no easy feat, and even though I have a bunch of art that I can re-purpose for the game, TIME Stories is a huge mind puzzle and as the puzzle-maker I need to know how this all works.  I created a new story, figured out how all the locations worked, all the items and characters.  Building this becomes very complicated, because there are certain events that must be triggered at the correct time.  After over a month of working on it, I think I have it ready for play-testing and then after those re-visions I’ll be shipping this game off to France to have Space Cowboys have a go at it, and maybe they like it enough to publish.  Either way, though I will be providing it for free here on my site for those fans of the game and my books.

Selecting puzzles that are both fun and solvable is the most challenging aspects of this game design.  Even if you think it’s too easy, most likely it will not be.  Also the types of puzzles to use; word, visual, numerical, riddles, all that has to be figured out, and hopefully make sense in the story.  The year is 1854, so I’m not throwing in a scrabble or computer code puzzle, it’s gotta fit the time and make sense for the story.

Another challenge of the game was that it needs to be 130 cards… well that just ain’t going to work for me, I had to add more to get the story told, and that means I have to go to 195 cards!  (For some reason with the production requirements, the game has be in increments of 65 cards)  Getting up to 195 was not easy, those last 10  cards were killer, but I think it all works out and will be very fun to play.

Here’s some photos of the game:

IMAG0106 (1)

IMAG0110 (1)

IMAG0111 (1)


I am 95% done, a few last teaks to go.

If you are familiar with the game, I’m opening it up for play-testing

Anyone interested?

A couple of notes: This is for PLAYTESTING, so I will need you to fill out a short form with some questions I’ll have on your experience and how to improve it. I will also need everyone to send me the form back by May 25th. So you have a little less than a month.
Lastly you would have access to a PDF (a big file), so you would need to print this out, which at 195 cards (4 cards per page) does add up to some serious ink/paper.

A little about it: It’s more role-playing, with some light puzzles, but nothing as complicated as Asylum (the first story that comes with the base set), probably it’s closer to Marcy Case, but it’s a LONG game, probably about 5-6 hours long, so a lot of adventuring and role-playing and uncovering the story of Pariah.

If you are interested, let me know, I’ll have the final PDF ready by May 6th.


89 thoughts on “T.I.M.E. Stories : Pariah Missouri 1854”

  1. I have a pretty dedicated group who loves the games. We have played all three releases so far. I don’t know if I can print it out right now (I don’t have a printer as of right now and a message is pending with a friend of mine as to whether he will be willing to print it out), but I’m open to testing it for you.

    Let me know. I don’t know any other way of messaging you.

  2. I would love to playtest this with my group. We get together a few times a week so we could definitely get you the feedback in no time at all.

  3. Hi! I write for a board-game review blog and we would love to play-test your TIME stories case! We’re big fans of the game and would be happy to offer feedback wherever we can.

  4. From Kansas City myself. Love the opportunity to help with this. I have a group that has played all the other modules. Umkcrobin at gmail

  5. Not sure how to volunteer to playtest, but I will gladly jump on that grenade. Only issue is that I’m currently training with the Indian Army, and will not be able to break it out with my group until 14 Jun.

  6. Interested. We have a few groups here in KC that play this game. We could pass it around and have multiple groups give solid feedback.

  7. My playgroup is interested. We’ve only played asylum, but we have Marcy case and will be playing that this weekend. Let me know.

  8. I would love to playtest your scenario. T.I.M.E. Stories is my wife’s and my favorite game and we can’t seem to wait for each one that they produce. I have also recently started playtesting games with 2 reviews under my belt. Since it is our favorite game I can assure you that we will play it and have it reviewed before May 25th. I hope you can send me a copy and I look forward to hearing back from you.

  9. Hi,

    I would love to give this a try with my gaming group. We are a dedicated group who plays 1-2 times a week, so we should have no problem completing this in time. The artwork looks wonderful, and I love the Western theme!

  10. I love this game. I have made a family version myself, with caracters from traditional storytelling. And is thinking of making a sherlock holmes theme and a lord of the rings theme. So it would be good to see your idees.
    I would very much like to play your game, and give you response.

  11. I would be very interested in play testing the game. Would you know where I could have the cards printed out in time to make your May 25th deadline?

  12. Hi,
    I am interested in beta testing your TIME stories scenario. However, I will need to check with my normal gaming group since your dead line is quite tight. Most likely I will only be able to do a two player testing. Both of us have the time and have played all released scenarios so far. I don’t know if that is interesting for you. Let me know if you need more info.
    Best Regards,

  13. This looks great. I just finished “a prophecy of dragons.” I would be interested in play testing your module.

  14. Hey, i have been tinkering a game on my own as well, but im nowhere close to that much!!!
    I wish to playtest as well, but i want to do it on tabletop simulator (on steam). Would you allow me to make it there so much more people can try as well?

  15. Hi !
    We are 4 work collegues who have been playing all Time Stories scenarios each on our side and we would be thrilled to have the oportunity to play your scenario during lunch break 🙂

  16. I hope i’m still on time for this. I play time stories with my family. We really love the game. Currently we’re playing the marcy case, and the latest two scenarios are already ordered. So We’d love to help you with this!

      1. Thank you !

        Btw, all my TS partners studied English at University and we (my fiancée and I) lived in the UK for 3 years so English is like a 2nd language for us 🙂

        Something that could interest you : if some French players can play your scenario before the end of June, we can give a feedback to the Space Cowboys since there is a boardgame fair in Paris on the last WE of June (called Paris est Ludique).

        And again, congrats for all the job you’ve done 🙂

      2. Another thing : the link on medifire shows cards whosesize seems to be approximatively 6,5cm x 11,5cm. The actual size of TS cards is 7cm x 12cm.

        Not sur if it useful to tell you this (you must know it), but for sleeves, it might be better to print with the “official” size ?

        I can try to convert the PDF into JPG to change their size for the print, but it’s gonna take time :p

  17. salut
    je suis vraiment intéressé par votre démarche (moi aussi je suis illustrateur) et je voudrait tellement en faire une version …

    bonne continuation et bonne chance a vous

  18. Hey there andy, i have played all the expansions up till under the mask. Would be nice to provide any feedback to make the game a better experience,


  19. Great job 🙂 !

    I took your scenario’s link and I printed it.

    I will test this, this weekend ! We are a french team so I hope we will understand everything 🙂 !

    What is the round 2 ?

    Again, great job !!

  20. Hi
    Big fan of the the game
    I play on the french edition
    I would love to test your scenario, and hope that you will be published

    Best regards

  21. Is it possible to get the pnp to test it?

    I may be able to provide a french translation if you are interested.


  22. Hello,

    I’d like to try your scenario with some non-english speaking friends. If you want, i can translate it in french; but in order to do that i need a modifiable document. And after i’m done, i’ll send you the translated version.

  23. Hi Andy ! Congratulation for your work, I love the artwork. I am also interested to help you with this new scenario as a huge fan of TS and puzzle.

  24. Wahoo ! A hard Work ! We’ll be very pleased and honoured to try it… And it would be a great occasion to discover the universe of pariah Missouri 😉

  25. Hi! Can we still play test this? Our group loves TIME stories and we think your scenario sounds incredible! Please let me know!

  26. Hi ! good work already on the version 1!
    Is the version 2 aviable ? Can’t wait to print it…

    Let me know


  27. TIME Stories is one of the best games to appear in
    the boardgaming world in a long time! As our club
    opens on a Sunday (11am-5pm), we’ve played all the
    scenarios to death, so desperate for something new
    and exciting … ur module looks the biscuit!

    Look forward to seeing V2 … good luck & thanks
    for all the effort you’ve put in … Walts

  28. Hello from France,
    I would like to test TS, and a Western scenario sounds good to my hears for a first shot !
    Is it possible to get the first version, or will you publish soon the 2d version ?

    Is there a feedback available about your 1st scenario : what was the good, and the less godd, points ? What was the most difficult to create ?

    And “bravo” for your courage to create a full scenario !!!


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