Voodoo Mama ver. 1.2

I made a few changes to the rules of Voodoo Mama (the working title, every time I say it it grows on me).

I added a way to get in the cauldron (discard pile) to retrieve reagents (now called ingredients) that players have discarded.

I changed some of the powers/abilities of the potions and made them a little more balanced.

I made player-versions of the recipe chart, although I think it’s too small and not a big fan of the colors yet and I’m starting to work on some very basic graphics and ideas for how the cards will look.

IMAG0068 Here’s the charts.  a little small, but I think will get the job done for play-testing.


IMAG0067Some odd symbols and graphics for the 8 ingredient types: Frog legs, Cow Eye, Bat wings, Saliva, Chick blood, Baby tears, Fish eggs

Part 1: A New Card Game

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