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My mind is always going.  It’s a curse.  I’m at a temp day job and at 11:13 Am I was thinking about the T.I.M.E. Stories scenario I was working on based on my graphic novels series, Pariah, Missouri, when I was thinking of adding crafting to the scenario. One of the characters in the books/game is a voodoo man who makes potions.  Then it hit me, why not make a fun, quick card game where you make potions.


I started a new google doc and wrote down things that I wanted.  A FUN game.  Drafting mechanic, something fast and quick.  Something that plays up to 7 players (I have way too many games that just go to 4 or 5 players).  So I like 7 Wonders, but it’s too complicated and I’ve heard Sushi Go is good, but maybe too simple.  So something in the middle??

So we have an idea.  players craft potions, draft reagents and put them down, once you get a potion, you make it and if gives you victory points.  OR you use it and it has some effect in the game.

Done.  40 minutes.

Well, maybe not.  So I started writing down reagent names, and the recipe mix.  Do I want it kid-friendly?  cutsey stuff?  I don’t want it dark and evil, we have enough of those games and if I want to reach the most people, you need to make it broad appeal.  What about a name?

How about Voodoo Mama?  ok, Let’s run with that for now.

I came home that night.  Powered up InDesign and rushed some cards together.  Had some people over that night and we played a game.  4 players.

What we learned:

  • The powers to the potions needs work, some are weak and not enticing.
  • Using a potion half’s the Victory points, too steep a cost, the player who didn’t use any potions won easily.

The big question for me is:  with 8 reagents, 8 potions and drafts of 7 cards for 3 rounds, what is the correct number of drafts, cards and combos?


Next up, Version 1.2!

IMAG0064 IMAG0063 IMAG0066

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