Avengers 2 Review and Thoughts from a Geek


Just got back from the flick. I have not watched any of the trailers or the promotional stuff, so I went in without knowing much of the plot.  In one word, I liked it.  I think it’s the exact type of thing that is expected in this type of big blockbuster film.  It’s very much like the first one, and I think it’s just as good if not better.  The Director excels at the character moments, and honestly I’d rather just watch 2 hours of them talking and “visitin” than battling.  If you like action/adventure films, go see this, it’s one of the better ones.  So thumbs up, 4 stars, all that stuff.

Now on to the part where the 40 year old guy who has read comics for 30 years chimes in.  If you are a normal, mainstream person who likes Game of Thrones and doesn’t like to read books, then this part isn’t for you.  If so, carry on.

1. I did NOT like the Ultron characterization.  About 20 minutes in I figured out that it was voiced by Bryan Cranston, that was a distraction, but really it was the script.  Not a fan of the psychotic robot deal.  Him adding these human errors and quips was not the maniacal robot Ultron that I really liked.  So, the whole Ultron thing kind of fell flat.  And can we stop with the massive hordes of robots?  I feel like that is always what these films do, fight a horde of robots, mechanical aliens, orcs, whatever and I get that it’s a way to show lots of violence with no consequences, but it’s annoying already.  I’d much rather see them fight the Wrecking crew or something lame than massive numbers of expendable troops.

2. Hawkeye needs a mask.  Seriously.  A black jacket is not a superhero costume.  Same thing for you Scarlet Witch.

3.  Vision.  Looked great.  but…Wait!  He can lift Thor’s hammer??  WHAT?  Someone give me reference on this.  I do not remember this and it kinda doesn’t make any sense.

4.  Set up for Civil War or Infinity Gauntlet?  Whichever I’m fine with.  I thought that was all good.

5. Plot.  I have no idea really what was going on.  I mean I get it, but some of the ending was fuzzy, so the higher the city got, and blew up, the more damage to the earth?   Wasn’t sure about that.

6.  I liked the Black Widow and Hulk stuff.  Again all the characters were great, just wish there was a better villain or use of the plot.

Really not much to complain about, it was darn good.  I don’t go in there with a lot of expectations and again I think that since I didn’t see the promotional materials that helps.

Now if you are still reading and want to read some amazing comics, I will recommend Maus and From Hell, two of my favorites of all time.  Completely different than superheroes, but they show what can be done in the medium.


Andres is the writer and creator of Pariah Missouri graphic novel series www.pariahmissouri.com

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