Fan art and pop culture homages for sale!

Hey Folks, I did a bunch of new pieces in prep for WonderCon coming up this weekend (Booth SP-024 in Small Press).  They are homages, parodies and other recreations of some of my favorite artists and characters.  If there is anything you want, I can set it aside for you and ship it to you next week!  Please take a look.


Zorro Ink on paper 10×14 $30spiderman

Little Spiderman acrylic on board 8×11 $30saga 1

Saga cover – watercolor on paper 11×14 $75

planet hulk

Planet Hulk homage – watercolor on paper 11×14 $70joker

Joker animated – watercolor on paper 11×14 $50

iron man

Iron Man – ink on paper 11×14 $30hell boy watercolor

Hellboy – watercolor on paper 8×11 $25

dr who van gogh

Starry Night with Dr Who Tardis – acrylic on board 8×11 $40

dr doom

Dr Doom – ink on paper 11×14 $30


Little Deadpool – acrylic on board 8×11 $30captain america

Captain America – watercolor on paper 11×14 $30boba fett

Boba Fett – acrylic on board 11×17 $70batman miller

Batman – ink on paper 11×14 $30

batman animated

Batman animated – acrylic on board $25

batman airbrush

Batman silhouette – airbrush on paper 11×14 $20 adventure time

Adventure Time – acrylic on board 8×11 $30

Contact me through email or phone to order one of these!

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