The Biscuit life

Another day another dollar.
I decided I would write in my blog, the Biscuit Show everyday and see how far I can go.
Not that anyone reads it…. well…maybe once we get back on the show, its been hard to find time to record.
So the struggles of the single 30-something year old man…

I am heading out to a singles conference tomorrow night, I’m excited about it, heres the link to the place and photo.

with over 1200 people there, it will be a mormon mad house, with OC girls, dudes and out-of-towners. So the goal is to not get overwhelmed and feel out of place in such a large gathering, I do well with small groups of under 100 people, but once we get in the thousand range and start losing my bearings.
I will report more on it as it happens.

On other notes, I’m headed to Chicago after that for work, I’m excited to see the Windy city.

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